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NOTE:   BETWEEN 8:30AM - 9:30AM ON TUES                    & FRI THE GYM IS CLOSED.


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Supervision by a qualified coach is paramount to your safety in the gym but also your ability to improve.  By learning the correct techniques from the beginning allows you to increase weights and your strength accordingly.  Incorrect technique will limit how far you can go before injuries occurs.  All sessions at Real Strength are supervised so you are always in a safe place.  


Coaching is not just about ensuring you are physically doing things right, but also to make you feel nurtured, encouraged and that someone else can believe in your abilities even if you don't initially.  Dean's enthusiastic and supportive approach that often also includes humour will always leave you feeling better post session than before you arrived.  Real Strength is about building people as well as strength.


Dean Mawby is the head coach at Real Strength. Strength training is his passion, particularly working with older people and those people in the community that don't fit the typical gym environment. He is an accredited Level 1 Power Lifting Coach under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). 

His involvement in powerlifting began in 1985 as a fourteen year old to get bigger and stronger for AFL.  He fell in love with training immediately, dropped AFL, and began to lift competitively. He set his first State Level records in 1986.  In 1987 he set a national squat record that remained unbroken for over two decades. In 1988 and '89 he lifted in international competitions.


From 1993 he was a practising Chiropractor and during the 22 years in his own practice he helped tens of thousands of people improve their health and gained powerful insights in overall body awareness and mind/body connection.


Dean has always loved making a difference in people's lives and is so excited to be sharing the benefits of strength training with his community.  


Gil started powerlifting along side Dean in the 1980's and their friendship has remained ever since.  He is also an accredited Level 1 Power Lifting Coach under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). 

Gil has been consistently powerlifting for general health and wellbeing for the past 30+ years and really is a walking talking advertisement for the health benefits of strength training.

He is also a qualified practising chiropractor who brings with him an extensive knowledge of human movement, anatomy, and body awareness.
Gil's calm but assuring nature really puts people at ease during his sessions.