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Supervision by a qualified coach is paramount to your safety in the gym but also your ability to improve.  By learning the correct techniques from the beginning allows you to increase weights and your strength accordingly.  Incorrect technique will limit how far you can go before injuries occurs.  All sessions at Real Strength are supervised so you are always in a safe place.  


Coaching is not just about ensuring you are physically doing things right, but also to make you feel nurtured, encouraged and that someone else can believe in your abilities even if you don't initially.  Real Strength is about building people as well as strength.

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Real Strength opened in 2016 and Daniel was one of the first members and then coaches during those foundational years.


He has been powerlifting since he was 13 years young . He trained in Bendigo at the same facility where Real Strength founder Dean Mawby started, so he knows strength training in and out. He is an accredited Level 1 Powerlifting Coach under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) and has worked with a vast variety of people from junior sports, elite level powerlifters, in our current Never Too Late program and the Strong Body Strong Mind program.


Daniel is passionate not only about powerlifting but improving people's lives through building strength and community.


Therese has had a long career as a nurse and after retiring from the workforce for a couple of years, she decided that she was still fit, healthy, and highly motivated to continue to help others with their health and wellness.

At 71 yrs young, she returned to studies and is now an accredited Level 1 Power Lifting Coach under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).   Therese has been assisting Dean with the Never Too Late program for some time and is still an active member in the Womens Only sessions.  She also has completed at both state and national level in Powerlifting competitions and has broken nationals records!

Therese's genuine care & concern for members is such a valuable asset to the gym and her particular interest in strength training for the 65+ yr age group makes her an fantastic asset to both our Never Too Late & Never Too Late Continuum sessions.

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