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Featured in The House Of Wellness Channel 7, SBS The Feed, The Project, ABC National News, Radio New Zealand, The Weekly Times, Bendigo Advertiser, Castlemaine Mail

SBS The Feed 

Raising the Bar

The Project, Channel 10

The Powerlifters Proving It's Never Too Late to Lift

ABC National News

When Jill's husband bought a red sports car, she decided to up the ante

ABC National News

Older people embrace powerlifting in Castlemaine to avoid aged care home

Radio New Zealand (recorded interview)

The septuagenarian women who love to pump iron

The Weekly Times

Weight Training: Benefits are clear for Castlemaine's older generation

ABC News

Powerlifting women getting fitter mentally and physically

Bendigo Advertiser

Real Strength Masters shine at the Nationals

Castlemaine Mail

Castlemaine Powerlifters Shine

Bendigo Magazine

Weight Expectations

Bendigo Advertiser

Powerlifters produce a real show of strength

Midland Express

It’s never too late to gain strength

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The House of Wellness, Channel 7

The Senior Powerlifters Defying Age With Exercise

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