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Real Strength is dedicated to people who want to gain the full benefits that strength training can provide. Clear individualised programming, qualified technique coaching, and constant supervision are the pillars of consistent, predictable it in the realms of health, rehabilitation or ageing well.



Smaller closed group sessions for members that require more focused attention. E.G. age related significant muscle loss, recovery from illness, during/post cancer treatment, or have physical disabilities. These sessions are charged at a higher rate than standard membership prices and are limited to 6 people per coach.  These sessions are run as either a 10 or 12 week program (depending on the dates available) , with specific start dates, where you will attend 2 sessions for per week, combining either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Friday.  All graduates of this program then can progress into the Never Too Late Continuum group at standard membership rates.


These sessions are designed as a bridge between the Never Too Late program and the general gym sessions.  If the general gym membership if full, Never Too Late & Strong Body Strong Mind program graduates will remain in these sessions at the standard gym membership rate.


Open to all Real Strength members with the exception of those currently in the Never Too Late Program.  General Strength sessions will include members from 15 through to 80+ year olds!  Also with gaining strength, you will gain a real sense of community and belonging.  A general membership can be taken as a 12 week (higher rate) or 12 month membership period.


These sessions are a space for the growing community of women who want to feel strong and energised. Heavy weight training has the effect of elevating moods through serotonin stimulation. It is great for increasing metabolism through building lean body tissue, as well as regulating hormones. Postmenopausal women use these sessions to improve bone density.  It's a great space for a chat & laugh too.


All sessions are fully supervised and include personalised coaching in a group environment.  It is recommended that members attend two sessions per week, which provides optimum results with sufficient integration in between sessions.

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