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Never Too Late Program
It’s Never Too Late to Get Stronger!

A senior women completing a deadlift exercise at Real Strength Gym Castlemaine
A senior male member of Real Strength Castlemaine doing a backsquat exercise

What is the Never Too Late Program and who is it for?

Well, as the name suggests...It’s never too late to become stronger! The Never Too Late program is a strength training program for the over 55’s-80+ designed to build strength from any level. Even if you’ve not exercised in years or you're recovering from illness or injury, our Never Too Late Program is tailored to your individual needs and will have you moving better and feeling stronger in no time.

What You'll Do


The program includes two sessions per week which are one hour long. 


You’ll train as part of a small group while directly supervised by a qualified strength coach to ensure safety and correct technique. We go at your pace with each session tailored to each individual depending on current strength levels, ability, injuries, fitness level and experience.


We focus on three compound movements (the squat, bench press & deadlift). These movements work every muscle group in the body and are useful in everyday life, like standing from sitting, lifting a child, gardening and carrying your shopping.


This is an extremely effective and efficient way of training. Focusing on three core movements means you can master the technique and you don’t have to try and remember lots of different exercises or machines.


Under close supervision, you’ll progress to heavier weights over the course of the program. Lifting progressively heavier weights is very important to building muscle and improving bone density. But we start where you are at - many participants begin with using a broomstick and go into lift impressive weights over time!

And you'll make new friends too! Our members tell us that not only do they enjoy the physical benefits of getting stronger, they love the social connection they experience from being part of a small group of people who all support and encourage each other.

A group of Never To Late Program participants at Real Strength Gym Castlemaine
Daniel Pollard chatting to members of Real Strength Gym Castlemaine

Benefits & Results (as demonstrated by our members)


  • Increases body strength and endurance (ability to lift heavy items, stand for long periods of time, walk longer distances, be active in the garden, travel without tiring etc)

  • Better mobility, balance and flexibility (better ability to bend to the floor, ease getting in and out of the car, stability in walking, no wobble, less risk of falls and injury)

  • Improved bone density, reversal of decline, stabilisation of any deterioration - evidenced by bone density scans. 

  • Reduces risk of bone fractures.

  • Improves cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Improves memory and cognitive function

  • Boosts mood and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

  • Provides a place for social connection, fun and new friendships

  • Studies show lifting weights can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.


Over all, our members have seen dramatic improvments to their overall health, wellbeing, quality of life, confidence, self-esteem and ability to live independently.  





Ria L, 73


“After joining I noticed the strength benefits instantly. I’m more confident getting into and out of chairs, the loo and bed. My legs are stronger. My mental health has improved significantly. I sleep better and have clarity in thinking and improved tolerance. My humour has improved. I’ve always disliked exercise, but I love weights. I love the camaraderie and mutual encouragement. I appreciate the individual instruction and monitoring. I value the social benefits. I feel I’m improving constantly with my physical health”



Dave G, 72

“I think Real Strength is great for older people to get into. Before I joined the Never Too Late program I would say my strength and fitness was pretty ordinary. I was quite unfit for my age and needed to rebuild. Since joining I feel a lot of pride in my progress (however slow!). The knowledge that I can continue to improve is very important, and the great friendly atmosphere I look forward to. There is no pressure which means I work at a pace that feels safe. I enjoy the music too!”




Jayne M, 82


Since joining I am definitely much stronger throughout my body. I feel it has been, and is mentally beneficial to meet the challenge and succeed. I have found new and lovely friends to share experiences and laughter.I love the ambience which exists in the gym, Therese's expertise and her beautiful personality, and of course, Daniel's expert guidance. My favourite things about Real Strength are the lovely friends I have made along the way and the fun and happiness it brings. Real Strength has given me the confidence to challenge myself”. 

Common Concerns:


I won’t be able to lift weights: Many of our members felt like that before starting with us but went on to lift considerable weights (while enjoying the process!). Because the program is directly supervised and tailored to your needs, we start where you are at and progress at the speed that is required for you to build strength safely. 


I’m scared I’ll injure myself: This is a common concern, which is why all sessions are directly supervised by a qualified coach and we’ll never suggest you do anything that puts you at risk. We will ask you before each session how you’re feeling and assess any niggles or concerns to make sure you’re alway safe. 


I’ve never tried strength training before: That’s ok! This program is tailored to your level of experience and is perfect for beginners. 


I don’t like gyms: We hear you! This is not your average gym. There are no mirrors or lycra. We have lots of members who tell us they usually hate gyms or exercise in general, but love coming to Real Strength (and hate if they ever have to miss a session!). We strive to create a relaxed environment that members enjoy and you’ll likely make some great friends along the way.


If you’re interested in finding out about session times and availability please book a FREE membership consultation via the booking button below. Alternatively, email Daniel Pollard at or phone 0401 245 314.

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