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The studio is situated on the railway line side of the Mill Complex in Castlemaine.  It is a simple and relatively intimate space that was carefully designed for both strength training functions and to build community.  We are a small studio which means we can get to know each and every one of our members.


All equipment is of a professional powerlifting grade, but don't panic as we have equipment that is fit for all fitness, mobility and strength levels. 


There are no mirrors or lycra here!  In fact we deliberately don't have mirrors to ensure that you tune into your body as you go through specific movements. 

You will hear an eclectic mix of music, lots of celebratory clapping, and see many smiling faces...whilst it may look like just fun, there is some serious life changing things happening at the same time.

Real Strength Studio Castlemaine
Real Strength Studio Castlemaine
Real Strength Studio Castlemaine
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